today was babygirl's last day in sewing class. she came home w/ a pair of flannel cow print pj pants w/ zzz embroidered in them. she did an excellent job. pic soon come.
i'm losin interest in my sweater. i think i have 20 or maybe 30 more rows to do b4 i can move on to tha next portion of it. *sigh* speak easy -a poetry show that was put togetha w/ my girls, was a success sunday nite. we've already begun plannin tha next one. tha poets r goin to wear sumthin of mine. i will also have a table set up sellin my wears. a lot of ideas r runnin thru my brain. color schemes & patterns consume me.


my sweater @ this point.


i think i'm goin to take a break on tha sweater for a couple of days. i've got so much otha stuff to work on. it's hard to stay motivated. how do i expect to run a business if i lose interest in what i'm makin/sellin? sometimes i think i should leave tha custom ordering thing alone. maybe i should make a whole bunch of stuff and have tha 'whatcha see is whatcha get' attitude. i don't know. knitting WIPs hat i made in my beginner's knit class neck down sweater crochet WIPs baby blanket pink fuzzy bag blue/yellow cap brown cap hemp bag i need to line my hemp bags. i have 6 yds. of burlap to use up. i think i bought brown and black. i was wondering if anybody has ever used dyed burlap and if tha color ran. i'm goin to crochet a swatch and line it and then wash it to see what happens. it dawned on me this morn while drivin to work. i've neva given anybody washing instructions on sumthin i've sold. guess i should start.


i'm gettin frustrated. i'll get so far on this sweater and then see i skipped a few stitches or dropped a stitch. then i have to rip it all out (sometimes 2 or 3 rows) and start all over. *sigh*


zoomin along bar increase schmar increase. i've got it licked. i'm a pro. i'm floatin i tell ya, floatin. ha! i'm still workin on tha neck part of tha sweater. i'm off tomorrow, so my day will b full of knitting. like w/ everything else, i didn't wanna put tha needles down last nite. it's cool seein sumthin like this come togetha b4 my eyes.


row 1 i'm not familiar w/ increases @ all. so i'm a lil discouraged bcuz i'm onlee on row 1 and can't even begin cuz i don't understand what tha pattern is sayin. k into tha front and back of tha first st (inc. made), *inc, slip marker, inc, k to within 1 st of next marker*, rep @ each marker, to last st, inc. ok, so tha k into tha front and back of first st has me all screwed up. if i do exactly how it says, i lose tha stitch. help?
my knit bloggers link is fully functional. it's now fixed w/ arrows for 'previous' & 'next'. cool.
today i'm startin my neck down cardigan. i bought tha needles and everything (cleary went for tha addi turbos first and i freaked and said...cheaper ones pleez). this is major for me. i've neva done any big projects b4. i also think this will help my pattern reading skills cuz @ tha moment my skills aren't tha greatest. this is exciting!


beads has anyone crocheted or knitted w/ beads? what's tha secret? i'm finding that i have to put beads on every otha row to keep tha beads on one side. i'd like to put them on every row and still have to them show on tha same side. i feel like i'm doin sumthin wrong. maybe, it's fine and i'm just feelin uneasy 'bout it since it's still new.
i need a mannequin head or two.


all of this time i thought i was knitting continental style. NOT! i keep gettin them (english - continental) mixed up.
i'm hooked on hemp. tha yarn is cool and soft on my fingas. tha bag came out nice. just gotta put a strap on it. thinkin 'bout makin some crowns w/ it too. i think after a washing or two tha yarn will become even softer. it's great stuff.


it's all about bags baby i got some hemp in tha mail today. it was a nice surprise. i've begun work on a prototype to send p. it'll b done b4 i go to sleep.
good lookin deb. i'm goin to order a few pattern books from berroco. this caught my eye, as well as this and this. @ lunch i went to knitting frenzy to see if 1. they had tha books on sale and 2. to see if they had tha yarns needed for these items. i told cleary what i was lookin for in a cardigan and she found a simple pattern for me. knitting pure and simple's neck down cardigan. that is tha sweater! i'm excited, but a lil leary of it cuz i know it's goin to cost me some serious mulah. i gotta figure up tha cost so i can get started. this is fun!


i decided to make a sweater *da dah duh dunh...imperial!!!* --remember that commercial?- anywho, i figured that would b perfect cuz i luv wearin those button up sweaters -cardigan?- i like my stuff big and u can't find 'big' in stores anymore. tha onlee thing left to do now is find a pattern. that's gonna b hard man. tha sweater has to b funky, trendy. it has to have some flava to it. so where can i find flava.full isht on tha i.net?
tha party was successful and babygirl loved her bag. thanx to all who sent bday greetings. i need sumthin new to knit. i may focus on hats for a bit, but i want to make sumthin besides that. maybe i venture out and make sumthin big. i found a basket to carry my yarn in. tha handles on my old broke one day while i was leavin my old part.time job. yarn balls rolled everywhere. it was horrible. so after searchin for several months, i finally found one. it's an african basket, hand.woven w/ leather handles. it's beautiful. i'm tired.


it's finished! all this bag needs now is a cute button. i hope she likes it. tha matchin cap will have to wait until next week. b4 i go to bed, i have to make her bday card. that lil girl sure spoils surprises. she remembered i made one for her last year, so of course she asked if i would do it again. *frown*


current projects: crocheted backpack and matchin hat for babygirl's birthday (it's tomorrow) pink fuzzy bag --->i finally wound up tha yarn -it didn't get tangled this time yay! brown cap i'm goin to try and finish this order by tha end of this week. i think i will have to substitute some yarn cuz my friend picked out some colors i don't have enuff of and i can't find anymore @ tha yarn store. friday, i went to tha bead shack, a cute bead shop here in town. after speakin w/ laura (tha owner) about beads and hemp, she's given me some ideas. i decided to incorporate beads in my work. i made a cap once w/ some, but now i'm goin to make some bags w/ them. i'm even goin to start makin jewelry. more lata...


tha tam is finished. i didn't follow tha pattern completely bcuz i didn't have tha correct sized needles and my stitches counted out to b more than what tha pattern stated. so i improvised. i think i should've made it a little bigger cuz i'm sure i will grow out of it real soon. all in all i'm pleased w/ tha end result. thanx shannita.


s.dub sent me tha pattern to tha tam she made. i decided to make it w/ tha neon pink yarn and it's comin out quite nicely. i don't have anything pink, so it won't match a thing. pics soon come.


i took betty (my co.worker) to knitting frenzy @ lunch. she's now hooked. we got to talk to cleary, tha oh so knowledgeable and pleasant lady who works there. she's makin toe up socks w/ yarn she dyed w/ easter egg coloring. is that dope or what!!! we then talked about dyin w/ kool.aid and she showed me some samples she made. she's goin to teach a class this summer. i will b tha first to sign up. i have to make socks...i just have to. when i get some money, i will buy everything i need.


my projects r comin along slowly. tha burgundy hat will b finished today and i'll start on tha pink fuzzy bag to go w/ tha p.f. hat. i started on a neon pink hat for myself. i've been down tha last few days so i thought tha bright pink would lift my spirit...it did. can't wait 'til it's done. babygirl's bday is on tha 9th. i'm thinkin 'bout makin tha backpack she requested way back when.