today's a new day & i'm feeling better.
i got some decisions to make tho.
can't keep living like this.

have a blessed day all.


lord help me get thru this thing i'm going thru.

i'm feeling...
like i want to jump outta my skin.

spoke to my brother today and he said that once he would love to hear that "i am great" when he asks how i'm doing. i'm alright. okay. keeping my head above water. i'm want to be GREAT too.

i've got tons of ideas & don't know what to do with them.
i know what direction i want to go in but don't know how to get there.
i sound like a broken record.
i feel alone, but @ the same time i want to be by myself.



it's been so cold lately. really cold. i have to say i wasn't prepared for it. but when am i ever prepared for it. i'm looking forward to some snow cuz this place looks downright depressing without it.

i've managed to catch a cold. this is not the time to be getting sick. i've got two weeks to make as much product as possible before my next school term starts.

anyway i'm making flower brooches these days. it's an easy way to use up scrap yarn.

i'm going to rest myself now. goodnite.