after i left work yesterday, i realized i left my knitting bag in my office. i didn't bother going back for it, i just came home and started playing w/ some otha stuff. i pulled out a skein of noro's silk garden and casted on two stitches. from there, i increased twice every otha row. i figure this will be a shawl. like i said, i'm just playing. it'll probably end up having a bunch of different yarns and colors in it cuz i only have two skeins of the silk garden (which is yummy btw). i can't wait to see what this grows into.


look what the postman brought me...

earrings the fantabulous mz stefanie made for me. receiving these gifts really made my day. thank u so much!

been working on my neckdown cardigan and the crossover back baby sweater. just started on the purl bump heart (of the baby sweater). it looks so much betta since i changed needle sizes.

i haven't touched the baby afghan. i'm a little frustrated w/ it, not sure if the heart idea was a good one. i also gave up on my brother's socks. i really need to stop loading myself down w/ projects. would like to finish some b4 i start new ones.

i've been doing my best not to feel overwhelmed, but my mind has been moving 50mph thinkin about all the stuff that needs to be done b4 adara gets here. 5 more wks. it's flyin by. i've been feeling really pregnant lately. all i wanna do is sleep, and when i'm not sleeping, i'm cleaning (the nesting has begun). can't wait for my ribs to stop hurting. check out the load i'm carrying...


i'm not putting adara's name in the blanket. i broke out the graph paper and realized i didn't like the block letters i was creating. so now instead of her name, she's getting hearts in each corner of the blanket. i hope it comes out nice.

my neck down cardigan was lost for a lil while. i found it in a bag of yarn i had thrown in my closet. i swear i need to have a betta system of storing things. i noticed my favorite lime green cardigan has a few holes in the elbow, so now i'm motivated to get the neck down joint finished.

my ufo's will get finished....one of these days.


working on the border of the baby afghan. i plan on putting adara's name in it. can't decide between colorwork or purl bumps.


i have a confession to make. i am totally addicted to sock yarn. i don't know what it is about the stuff. i see new colorways and lose my mind. it's always, well most of the time, an impulse buy. i plan on making two pairs of socks w/in the next four weeks. b-day presents for my brother and miss lucille.

the baby afghan is almost done. it's so soft. i'm going to make hats and booties w/ the left over yarn (there's a lot of it). miss girl is going to b stylin.


once again, my 'puter is up and running. hopefully, it won't give me anymore problems. here's a pic of the eros scarf i made for my mama.

i talked to her today and she was really excited about wearing it. i made it because i thought it'd go w/ a lot of her blouses that she wears to work, but she thinks she should wear it w/ something dressy. i'm going to get a picture of her in it.

this scarf was made w/ st. tropez. i used size 17s for this baby and i was done w/ it in no time. there's a burgundy color i'd like to get next. i think this would make a really nice shell or some other summer top.

last but not least...

the rambling rows afghan - completed! this picture isn't the best, but it ended up being so huge i couldn't get the whole thing in the picture no matter what i did. this was really fun to work on and i can see myself making more. i'm getting close to finishing adara's. pictures of the baby stuff will soon come.
my site's back up. yay!


i left work early yesterday, went home and finished a couple of things. i'm slowly gettin back into crocheting. i started a crown for daddy-o and i started makin myself a bag to go w/ this slinky/sexy dress my girl bought me (as an after baby gift).

i'm starting to get real anxious about the birth of this lil girl. last week she was in my dreams, this week i'm dreaming about going into labor. the not knowing is really gettin me. i've been through this once before i shouldn't be trippin. lol.

anyway, i'm off to do some work. sending positive energy to the whale that's stranded in the turnagin arm.


for mama's day i decided to break out the eros and make my mama a scarf. now for weeks i would sit in the yarn store and watch woman after woman come in asking about this stuff (sandi was out @ the time). i sat there wondering what the big deal was. but then friday nite i started working w/ the stuff and immediately saw. it made this extremely light fabric. the yarn was very colorful and every color seemed to pick up the light. it's great! i'm going to buy some more. oh! mama loved her scarf. now i gotta make her an eyelash scarf. she's been waiting for one of those.

big needles rock!

i ordered some labels yesterday. woohoo! i can't wait to see them. i've been wanting simple, professional looking labels for a while now. thanx stefanie for posting that link.

i'm getting close to finishing the baby blanket and i started the crossover back sweater again. this time i will finish it. i get more and more excited about this baby with every day that passes. she's been in my dreams for a week now. gotta make her some socks/booties and i think a hat would b cool too.


"whatta day whatta day" - e. badu

feeling a lil stressed and overwhelmed. i've got a ton of work on my desk and it feels like i'm not making any progress. as soon as i get some done, more appears. i shouldn't b complaining 'bout it. there was a time (not so long ago) where i didn't have enuff work to do and that drove me real crazy. anyway, i'm taking a quick blog break.

the computer gods hate me. my damn computer broke down again (after getting it back a week after it was "fixed"). don't know what to do. i need my computer. can't run an online biz w/o one. *frown*

my boss absolutely loved her afghan. she wrapped up in it immediately. once i finished it, i found myself trying to find something else to do. i'll post pictures as soon as i get my computer back up. nakachi, i used plymouth yarn's encore. it's nice stuff. i'm currently making adara (the baby) one w/ sirdar's baby care. it's a lot smaller than the first so i'm zoomin thru it.

otha than working on the baby blanket, i'm not doing much. i started a kureyon sock (getting ready for next winter) and i'm in the middle of designing a tube top for my friend. it shouldn't b too hard, but i want to make sure it fits her in all the right places.

8 more weeks and adara will b here. this pregnancy has flown by. i'd like to find more summery knit patterns for her, but i'm not having much luck. maybe i should just focus on the upcoming winter.

have a good one everybody.