look what the postman brought me...

earrings the fantabulous mz stefanie made for me. receiving these gifts really made my day. thank u so much!

been working on my neckdown cardigan and the crossover back baby sweater. just started on the purl bump heart (of the baby sweater). it looks so much betta since i changed needle sizes.

i haven't touched the baby afghan. i'm a little frustrated w/ it, not sure if the heart idea was a good one. i also gave up on my brother's socks. i really need to stop loading myself down w/ projects. would like to finish some b4 i start new ones.

i've been doing my best not to feel overwhelmed, but my mind has been moving 50mph thinkin about all the stuff that needs to be done b4 adara gets here. 5 more wks. it's flyin by. i've been feeling really pregnant lately. all i wanna do is sleep, and when i'm not sleeping, i'm cleaning (the nesting has begun). can't wait for my ribs to stop hurting. check out the load i'm carrying...

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