"whatta day whatta day" - e. badu

feeling a lil stressed and overwhelmed. i've got a ton of work on my desk and it feels like i'm not making any progress. as soon as i get some done, more appears. i shouldn't b complaining 'bout it. there was a time (not so long ago) where i didn't have enuff work to do and that drove me real crazy. anyway, i'm taking a quick blog break.

the computer gods hate me. my damn computer broke down again (after getting it back a week after it was "fixed"). don't know what to do. i need my computer. can't run an online biz w/o one. *frown*

my boss absolutely loved her afghan. she wrapped up in it immediately. once i finished it, i found myself trying to find something else to do. i'll post pictures as soon as i get my computer back up. nakachi, i used plymouth yarn's encore. it's nice stuff. i'm currently making adara (the baby) one w/ sirdar's baby care. it's a lot smaller than the first so i'm zoomin thru it.

otha than working on the baby blanket, i'm not doing much. i started a kureyon sock (getting ready for next winter) and i'm in the middle of designing a tube top for my friend. it shouldn't b too hard, but i want to make sure it fits her in all the right places.

8 more weeks and adara will b here. this pregnancy has flown by. i'd like to find more summery knit patterns for her, but i'm not having much luck. maybe i should just focus on the upcoming winter.

have a good one everybody.

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