i'm still working on the afghan. my boss' last day is friday and i will have it finished by then. 2 more blocks to go.

i started a sock using 2 circular needles. i'm @ the gussett and i'm quite frustrated w/ it. i've put it down for the time being. it'd b nice if i could just knit sumthin w/o getting stuck. one day i guess.

i spoke w/ holly on sunday and she's inspired me to start crocheting again. i haven't been into it since my pregnancy began. guess i've been burned out. i'm going to pick up my hook this weekend (once this afghan is done) and make some hats. maybe some lil drawstring purses. i don't know. i've got tons of yarn to use up. if i get busy now, i'll have enuff inventory to do some of the fall bazaars. i'm going to miss the forest fair this year (it's too close around my due date).

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