i could listen to love song, no. 1 forever.


listening to: oh mother earth.n'dea davenport

this weekend i:
stood in snow that went up over my knees
took my little one to lunch
hugged my friends
ate some yummy spring rolls
went to an amazing spoken word show
danced in my rainbow dress
had a good nap


it's thursday. yesterday, i thought it was tuesday. i have been a day behind for a while now. that's not good.

happy day.


remix 04.23.08

remix 04.23.08
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house dress of awesomeness gifted to me by my daughter.

listening to: scratch your name.the noisettes

our little family had a small emergency last night. our molly fish hasn't been looking all that great lately and i figured out why. the condensation from the water has caused the screws in the tank cover (where the light is held) to rust so that nasty rust has been dripping to into the water. i felt bad so the kids and ran to the pet store quickly and got her a new tank.

while i was setting up the tank though lil miss accidentally dropped my macbook on the top of my foot. so i'm all bruised up and limping today, but i'm looking cute in the meantime (babygirl found me the cutest housedress at the thrift store. she knows what her mama likes!).

we're having glorious weather. it was almost 60 degrees yesterday. i had the tunes bumpin and the sunroof open when i left work. i love days like that.

i'm currently working on a few orders and scouting new areas to take my pictures (it's been difficult).

have a vanglorious day!


check out soulvegfolk to meet other vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists of color. i'm feeling very empowered these days.
listening to: family business.the fugees

the sun is shining, the weather is finally warming up, and the geese have returned. yep, i think spring is finally here. i think i've found a bike. i have romantic ideas about bike commuting. finding the xtracycle site has made them worse. so, i think having one of their bikes would be so much fun. it would be really great if i could haul my fair stuff around town on my bike. can you imagine that? i know it's doable because i saw a guy in the xtracycle flickr group that does it. i'm amazed and excited.

lil miss and i took a nice walk this evening. we didn't go far, but my body feels like i walked ten miles. that's some craziness! walking is something we're going to keep it up. we had a nice time identifying sounds (dog barks, birds chirping, etc) and just simply talking (my baby loves to talk).

i'm thankful for the day.

love & light


my weekend was pretty good. i hung out with babygirl...we went yarn shopping (she's knows my weakness), watched season 2 of LOST (i heart netflix!), and had the best meal at a local veggie restaurant. she turned 15 last wednesday and all i've been doing is thinking back to our first night in the hospital together after she was born. the last few years had been really hard on us (ugly teen stage), but things are definitely a lot better now. she's awesome.

there she is above modeling one of my new hats. i think yellow is her color.

i'm almost done with the first sock. it's knitting up so fast.

have a great day y'all!


trekking xxl sock. i really love this colorway. it reminds me of autumn. i decided to give this to a coworker who is always doing something nice for me.


this week flew by.

my day at work has been good because of the tofu sandwich i brought with me & the cup of tea my coworker made for me. it's all about the little things.

i heard that gas prices could go over $4/gal this summer. i wasn't really sure if i'd be driving much then if it did, but i now know for sure that i won't be. i filled up my tank the other nite and it cost me $50 (@ $3.44/gal). i'm seriously thinking about bike commuting this summer. i just have to 1)figure out to make it work with getting lil miss to school and my existing work schedule, and 2)get a bike. the goal is to conserve as much gas and money i can. i get excited thinking about it. there are a lot of bike blogs on the internet too , so i know it's doable. i will explore this more and share with you good ppl.

the sun is shining, the weather is somewhat tolerable (i think we got our last dump of snow), and i just had the best piece of dark chocolate ever. happy friday all! get out and do something fun this weekend!



mother nature, why are you playing with me?

after feeling like spring was about to start, i woke up saturday morning to SNOW. it snowed all day and we got about 6 inches. fast forward to yesterday. MORE SNOW. i think we got another 6 inches (which is better than the 10in the weatherman said we were going to get). but why oh why was it 5 degrees when i left my house this morning?


i guess because it felt like december instead of april, i went to the yarn store and ended up buying some sock yarn. i haven't been in a yarn storein forever and spent a while just touching all of the yarn. i have to do that again soon. the sock i started is being made with trekking xxl. i'll post pictures soon.


since being a seller on etsy, i have become completely addicted to the site. there are so many talented artists and so many fabulous handmade goodies that i can't get myself unglued from the computer. lately, i've been oogling the plush toys. it all started with dawn of lookwhaticando. i bought a few of her amazing love=creatures and started exploring the world of soft toys.

sally the bunnyrobin

here are a few of my favorites:

hitree in cali makes the most amazing trees.

lil miss would love luna made by colourspace

and check out the cute elephants in maidenlove's shop.

listening to: hyper-ballad.bjork

i've started working on the sleeve to the placed cable aran sweater. seeing all the lovely knitted goods on ravelry has got me motivated to finish it. the sleeves are all i have left to do, so i'm going to knock 'em out.

going to a friend's gallery showcase tonight and taking lil miss to see horton hears a who (say that five times) tomorrow.

it should be a great weekend.

peace & blessings.