trekking xxl sock. i really love this colorway. it reminds me of autumn. i decided to give this to a coworker who is always doing something nice for me.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I agree, very nice colorway. Your coworker is lucky, lucky, lucky.

woolies said...

hi - great colors! Have you ever knitted socks with the two circular needles? Next pair I knit, I'm trying it! I just finished a pair of knee socks for a friend that took FOREVER!
found your blog via martha's vineyard fiber's blog..

lady butta.fly said...

hi sara,

i usually tend to use two circular needles to make socks, but for some reason had a brain fart with this pair. i could not remember how to join the circle after casting on. it happens i guess. thanks for stopping by.