this week flew by.

my day at work has been good because of the tofu sandwich i brought with me & the cup of tea my coworker made for me. it's all about the little things.

i heard that gas prices could go over $4/gal this summer. i wasn't really sure if i'd be driving much then if it did, but i now know for sure that i won't be. i filled up my tank the other nite and it cost me $50 (@ $3.44/gal). i'm seriously thinking about bike commuting this summer. i just have to 1)figure out to make it work with getting lil miss to school and my existing work schedule, and 2)get a bike. the goal is to conserve as much gas and money i can. i get excited thinking about it. there are a lot of bike blogs on the internet too , so i know it's doable. i will explore this more and share with you good ppl.

the sun is shining, the weather is somewhat tolerable (i think we got our last dump of snow), and i just had the best piece of dark chocolate ever. happy friday all! get out and do something fun this weekend!



Two Cables and a Frapp said...

You are not the only person considering riding their bike to work or school. It's a shame that we have to consider that type of thing. Re: your tofu sandwich. What else is on it ? Lettuce and tomato? Cheese or do you just eat it in pita bread ?

lady butta.fly said...

i first marinated the tofu w/ soy & teriyaki sauce, browned on both sides and put on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, & mustard. Have used pita bread and that works just as well.