listening to: scratch your name.the noisettes

our little family had a small emergency last night. our molly fish hasn't been looking all that great lately and i figured out why. the condensation from the water has caused the screws in the tank cover (where the light is held) to rust so that nasty rust has been dripping to into the water. i felt bad so the kids and ran to the pet store quickly and got her a new tank.

while i was setting up the tank though lil miss accidentally dropped my macbook on the top of my foot. so i'm all bruised up and limping today, but i'm looking cute in the meantime (babygirl found me the cutest housedress at the thrift store. she knows what her mama likes!).

we're having glorious weather. it was almost 60 degrees yesterday. i had the tunes bumpin and the sunroof open when i left work. i love days like that.

i'm currently working on a few orders and scouting new areas to take my pictures (it's been difficult).

have a vanglorious day!

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