new hat

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another to add to the pile. i'm beginning to like how my knitted hats look.


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so, the days are getting longer. that just means that we are blessed with more and more sunlight. i recently realized that the sun plays a huge part on my state of mind. i love the sun. i love seeing the sunlight bounce off of the white walls in my bedroom. i love waking up to the sun. soon the snow will melt and new life will spring forth. i can't wait!!!

my hands are jacked up. i knit one hat yesterday and i woke up to puffy hands and tired arms. i'm out of practice. i really didn't knit or crochet much in '06. so now my hands need reconditioning.

i'm off today and plan on doing some cleaning and of course...some knitting. i gotta make the most of my day.


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i've been busily working on building my inventory for an event that's coming up at the end of march. i'm really excited about it.

i've already burned myself out once trying to meet my weekly "quotas". i gotta learn how to pace myself during this process.

the days are getting longer and that makes me so happy.


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i was so excited to get stefanie's book in the mail. i love this book! this book has me wanting to knit again ( i haven't knit any garments in quite some time).


some days
i miss your face
& your smile
& your smell