i survived my first two days at my new job!

the new job is going well so far. i am familiar with a lot of the ppl i work with because i sent them plenty of emails while in my other position. now i get to put a face with a name. my boss is awesome (she's an old coworker). she's giving me the freedom to do things my way which is liberating and unsettling at the same time. it's unsettling because i've spent the last six years doing things the way someone else wanted and it will take some time for me to stop doing my previous routine. it's cool. i'm happy and excited about what's to come.

i have been feeling very unattractive lately. my hair isn't behaving, it looks like i've put on anutha 10 lbs.(arrrrrrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!), and my face keeps breaking out (i've been battling adult acne(WTF!)since i was 26-but it's gotten really bad since december). sigh. a sista needs a make-over...a little pampering. i'm sure i'll wake up tomorrow and feel like the sexiest thing alive.

the sun has been shining so much lately. i want it to be spring right now.



i am

most definitely overwhelmed at work. tomorrow is my last day and i still have a lot of work to do. i just started cleaning my area yesterday. i already know tomorrow will be a 'goof off' day simply because my coworkers are taking me to lunch and after that i will be between both offices moving my things. i can't wait to get settled.

man, the state of hiphop music today is really pitiful. i've known this for a while, but after not listening to the radio for a few months i thought i see what's been playing lately. why does the local radio station think it's appropriate to play a song that says, "i wanna hit that cat girl, hit that cat girl...i think i wanna lick that cat" during a time when young children can hear it?! i was like, 'awww hell nah, turn that mess off!" my daughter isn't surprised by my reaction cuz i'm constantly lecturing her about the lack of good music on the airwaves nowadays. i love hiphop, but conscious hiphop. hiphop, reggae, afrobeat, soul, and jazz are played in my house. well, i gotta add punk to the mix too cuz that's what babygirl is into now (lawd give me strength!). i think i might issue a complaint to the radio station.

have you seen the new interweave? this issue has made me want to start designing again. i'm going to treat myself to the caftan pullover and the sunrise circle jacket. it's been a long time since i made something for myself.

enjoy your day/evening.


enjoying the day

first let me say rest in peace jay dee. i believe he changed the face of music and will surely be missed.

this morning i woke up and the sun was shining thru my window. i love that the days are getting longer and they aren't so dark anymore. the girls and i are going to have lunch with a friend and then we may head downtown and check out the ice sculptures. i just want to get outside since the temps have warmed up drastically.

a sista is currently without internet service, so posts may be few and far between the next couple of weeks.

peace & blessings.


right now, it's all about

getting my new job!
reynolds lopi
smell goods from black phoenix alchemy lab
lil miss telling me about her day
back exercises (a sista has been in some serious pain)
loving me
essential oils
opening to spirit
frankincense rocks
singing as loud as i possibly can
khoret amen shampoo!
getting a new tattoo
staying warm
the artist's way
TOFU (i've made 10 different marinades in the last two weeks!)
isaac and project runway
making moves

i got the call today. a sista will be starting her new job in two weeks. i'm floating and i feel like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders.