i finished tha second sock. i decided to give tha pair to babygirl. she luvs them to death and has already asked me to make her anutha pair. i bought some fingering weight yarn and size 2 dpns. i know it'll take longer to make socks w/ this yarn, but i will not b intimidated. gotta get used to these toothpick sized needles. i have to remember not to pull tha yarn so tightly cuz i can feel tha needles bend unda tha pressure. i started tha scarf/muffler today as well. i'm makin it w/ tha basketweave stitch & a seed stitch border. so far so good. crocheted a couple of hats as well. i should take a rest, but i gotta make a lil headway on this sock.


my.t.sharp, don'tcha agree? first sock done. i think i made it a lil short but that's okay. i'll know to make it a lil longer next time. gotta finish tha second one.
tha final sock class is tonite. i'm not sure i have fully grasped tha concept. i guess i won't really know until i start my second pair of socks. it's been fun tho. i finished tha gussett on tha second sock today @ lunch. all that's left is tha foot/toe.


two squares finished on tha first ramblin rows jacket. camoflage is hella cool. it has to b one of my favorite colors. tha 2nd r.r. jacket will b made w/ lamb's pride worsted in lotus pink & lorna's laces bullfrogs & buttaflies in neon. i'm amazed this color hasn't sold out...hot pink, yellow, & orange. it's yummy. i'm also goin to make a muffler and matchin hat w/ classic elite's montera in puma magenta (#3832). anutha hot pink color. it's so damn soft. 50% llama, 50 % wool. did ya know there is an alpaca farm here in alaska? i wonder what they're goin to do w/ all of tha hair?


crocheted zig zags in tha round. is it possible? i need help.


tha show went well. even tha hat situation worked itself out. i spoke w/ tha owner of tha club and he said i can set up a table @ next month's show. woohoo! i've spent most of my memorial holiday sleepin and moving my yarn collection from wal.mart shopping bags to those plastic zipper bags bedding comes in. those r great. y didn't i use them b4?


this is my second attempt @ tha acrylic/cotton thread hat. i think i like it betta this way. tha show is tonite and things haven't gone as i had hoped. i didn't have enuff time to make all of tha hats i had envisioned in my head. i was stressin last nite (read this post) about it, but have decided to leave it alone. things will work out. i'm tired. been up since 8am washing clothes. i cooked an early dinner so i can take a nap. gotta read over my piece. i'm kinda nervous 'bout gettin up in front of an audience. tha big brim on tha hat will do its job in hidin my eyes and hidin tha audience from my view.


my first sock is almost finished. i started turnin tha heel on tha second. i'm workin on tha gusset now and i'm totally stuck. tha pattern isn't even helpin. damn. guess i have to wait 'til monday and get someone @ tha frenzy to help me out. babygirl is sittin on tha couch crochetin a hat. she's in luv w/ tha pompom joint i made. "ur hats look betta than mine *whine*". she neva practices. i'm hoping she takes to crochet as much as i have. she has so many wonderful ideas, i'd like to see one of them come to fruition.


i turned my first heel. still a lil hazy on what i did to get it to turn but i think i'll remember it when i start on tha second one. i got home hella late last nite and didn't get a chance to work on it like i wanted to. so far i'm makin good progress w/ tha hats for tha show. i will crank out several more b4 sunday. don't have a lot to say really. tha office is being rearranged so i have to pack up my cubicle. today will b an easy day.


i decided to make two rambling rows baby jackets. i can't help it. they're so damn cute. sock class tonite. can't wait. i've got one more inch to go on tha second sock then i'll b ready to turn tha heels.


crochet thread is kinda stretchy. my hat is turnin out kinda funky (funky this time means bad). yesterday i had a vision...i would make it (tha hat) w/ a big brim, flip a side up and rock it w/ a white men's shirt. i may make a bag. gotta have an ensemble for sunday. i stretched out tha "party" hat tryin to get it over my locks. i hope i can find somebody to model it. if not, i'll probably wear that sunday. maybe i'll just change hats every 30 min. and b like madonna or janet when they have multiple costume changes durin a show. haha! i'm buggin.


i've got a party happenin on my head! lol.


playin miscellaneous flux is fuckin tha shit outta my ear drums (they're soooo intense) as i play w/ my webcam, read email, and work on this piece. playin w/ acrylic and cotton thread. will post a pic of tha finished product lata.


tha weather has been absolutely amazin. it's so hard to stay inside when tha sun is shinin. i've been toting my yarn around w/ me everywhere. our next show is next sunday. i have 5 hats to make. i'm kinda stressin over it bcuz i'm not familiar w/ each poet's personal style. i don't wanna make just any ole thang and they not like it. i've been going to different shops and lookin for inspiration. i'm still lookin for it. i started on my second sock. tha next step is to turn tha heel and we'll learn that in tha next class. can't wait to put on my socks.


think outside of tha box that verizon commercial has me rollin everytime i see it. this phrase was used several times in sock class. tha teacher is absolutely fabulous -everybody @ tha frenzy said she would b. she even reads tha knit blogs. i was surprised cuz she's tha first person i've come across that actually knew what a blog was. my sock is comin along nicely. i just have to get used to workin on my size 4 dpns. they're smaller than i'm used to. i'm using cleckheaton's country 8 ply naturals in army green. it feels so damn good in my hands. i was even told it was machine washable. i have armholes in tha sweater now. i'm gettin there. thinkin 'bout makin a ramblin rows baby sweater next. miss vanessa (lady wiz's babygirl) would look so cute in one. sumthin i need to learn that i've been avoiding all of these years....gauge. ugh.


tha workshop was cool. i went because i was curious to see how tha rambling rows pattern actually worked. tha employees of tha yarn store and quite a few customers have made r.r. baby sweaters. tha workshop was to help clear up any confusing parts in tha pattern. i felt out of tha loop bcuz i hadn't seen tha pattern book and i wasn't makin a sweater. maybe one day. i just wanted to learn tha technique so i can make an afghan. i've been wantin to make one since i saw shobhana's. i told tha ladies @ tha 'bout it and they are anxious to see what tha afghan looks like. one more knit row on tha sweater and i can divide off tha sleeves. i'm makin progress. i've got 3in. done on tam. i decided on white so i can dye it @ tha kool.aid dye workshop in july. tha sock class is tomorrow and i'm ready!


rambling rows workshop is tomorrow. onlee one person signed up for it. i've got a lil extra cash, so i'm goin to check it out. woohoo! i'll b outta tha office for a few hours. i bought my yarn and needles for tha socks class. i'm goin to do this army green/camoflage color. it should look really cool.


lunch spent @ knitting frenzy. everyday i go in there, i meet somebody different sitting on tha couch. today, it was betty and noella. noella is this very nice elderly lady who all sorts of things 'bout knitting & crochet. she invited me to tha knitting guild meeting & tha crochet guild meeting as well. very cool. there were a lot of ppl in tha store today. four different ppl came up to her and asked for help. she even helped me b4 i left. my tam isn't comin along @ all. i had pulled out my 3in. of work while i was there. so she gave me some tips that i will try when i get home. socks class in 3 days... i really wanna sew. went to sew wrong to see what tha ladies were up to and maybe find answers to tha zillion of questions in my head. i have a sewing machine. i guess tha first step would b practice sewing a straight line? ya think?
clem loved tha dishcloths. howeva, she told me she wouldn't use them as dishcloths, but as hot pads. that's cool. i didn't expect her to use them @ all. she especially liked tha wrapping. blue tissue paper w/ a crocheted string and flower for a bow. very cute. mama's day brunch was nice. i ate a lot of seafood. king crab legs, halibut, salmon, & shrimp. lata on, i went to visit my girl mandara. i gave her tha white hat (down below). i made it w/ her in mind and it fit perfectly. we were up until 3am brainstormin on all types of things. i'm payin for it now (and will probably b knocked out when i get home), but i've got a lot new ideas in my head. i'm goin to make anutha hat, but this time w/ cotton and tha brim will b bigger. i want some slight ruffle action. that'd b dope!


that hand itchin thang is no joke. i got some cash yesterday and bought some lion's brand kitchen cotton. i'm makin clem some dishcloths. i hope she likes/appreciates them. i've never made my mom anything b4. i don't expect her to use them, just appreciate tha time and energy i put into makin them.


work this week has been hell. everybody's been grouchy for some reason. i've escaped to tha yarn store everyday this week to clear my mind. knitting IS therapeutic. i left work early yesterday...came home and made a hat. 6 more rows and i will b able to move on to tha next portion of my sweater. it's really cool to watch tha sweater take shape. i also managed to start on tha body of tha tam. i'll have that done by sunday. i wanna make clem sumthin for mama's day, but i'm not sure what. i thought about dishcloths, but i don't have any cotton yarn and i don't have any cash to buy some. my hands keep itchin, so maybe i'll find a check in tha mail today. wouldn't that b nice.


i signed up for tha beg. socks class and tha dying workshop. ppl seem to know that i'll get hooked on makin socks. how do they know that? hmmm... i ripped two rows outta my sweater last nite. i started a new skein in tha middle of a row and was left w/ a big hole. i'm still not good @ addin new skeins/color. so i ripped it out and started tha skein @ tha beg. it looks so much nicer.


beads.n.flowers been thinkin 'bout embellishing my works w/ beads and flowers. i made my first crochet flower last nite. i used some red heart acrylic instead of tha cotton tha pattern called for. i was practicing and didn't wanna mess up my cotton...tha rose came out nicely just 3x bigger. s.dub found this site. this stuff is absolutely fabulous. lots of beads and some flowers too. i feel like pissin in my pants from tha excitement. ha! i gotta find some time to sketch out some ideas.... happy tuesday everybody!


i went to borders during my lunch break. what did i find on tha maganzine shelf? bust. tha mag, i've been readin so much 'bout in otha blogs. it's a nice lil magazine. i may have to buy it regularly. i'm goin to make tha knitted leg warmers.
workin on my tam. this time i thought i'd make it on dpns, but to b honest, i don't like it. there's too many dag-on needles in my way. i finished tha first row and now i don't know which direction i was knitting in. maybe it was too late to b messin w/ it. i'm sure i'll have my act togetha lata on in tha day. makin good progress on tha sweater...15 rows to go and i can move on to tha next portion. woohoo!


this is a picture of tha pj pants babygirl made in sewing class. aren't they cute?


went to knitting frenzy and worked on my hat and sweater. time flies when u're havin fun. i got there @ 1030am, left 'round 1pm. whoa. i then went to a fiber arts studio called color creek. awesome place. a friend said i would love it and she was right. i'm thinkin 'bout takin some classes there too -i'm goin to b busy this summer.
i walked outta knitting frenzy w/ one set of dpns. i'm so proud. their summer classes r about to begin. they've started an ufo group to help folks get restarted on their projects. *smile* classes i'm goin to take: knitting socks, crochet socks, tha dying workshop (i've been waiting on that one), and tha rambling rows workshop. this will definitely b fun. i'm half.way thru my beginner's hat. tha first one was so uneven, i couldn't bare to finish it. tha one i'm makin now looks a lot betta. startin a new tam as well. today's my off day, so i may go back to tha yarn store and sit on tha comfy couch and knit w/ tha otha regular customers.


i'm finally goin to sew linings in tha hemp bags. i've been puttin it off cuz i'm not used to sewing. gotta do it, cuz i've got a beautiful machine that's waiting to b used.


found this via s.dub who found it via theresa
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
w t h? how come i can't b a flashlite or a platform shoe? ha!