lunch spent @ knitting frenzy. everyday i go in there, i meet somebody different sitting on tha couch. today, it was betty and noella. noella is this very nice elderly lady who all sorts of things 'bout knitting & crochet. she invited me to tha knitting guild meeting & tha crochet guild meeting as well. very cool. there were a lot of ppl in tha store today. four different ppl came up to her and asked for help. she even helped me b4 i left. my tam isn't comin along @ all. i had pulled out my 3in. of work while i was there. so she gave me some tips that i will try when i get home. socks class in 3 days... i really wanna sew. went to sew wrong to see what tha ladies were up to and maybe find answers to tha zillion of questions in my head. i have a sewing machine. i guess tha first step would b practice sewing a straight line? ya think?

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