tha workshop was cool. i went because i was curious to see how tha rambling rows pattern actually worked. tha employees of tha yarn store and quite a few customers have made r.r. baby sweaters. tha workshop was to help clear up any confusing parts in tha pattern. i felt out of tha loop bcuz i hadn't seen tha pattern book and i wasn't makin a sweater. maybe one day. i just wanted to learn tha technique so i can make an afghan. i've been wantin to make one since i saw shobhana's. i told tha ladies @ tha 'bout it and they are anxious to see what tha afghan looks like. one more knit row on tha sweater and i can divide off tha sleeves. i'm makin progress. i've got 3in. done on tam. i decided on white so i can dye it @ tha kool.aid dye workshop in july. tha sock class is tomorrow and i'm ready!

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