clem loved tha dishcloths. howeva, she told me she wouldn't use them as dishcloths, but as hot pads. that's cool. i didn't expect her to use them @ all. she especially liked tha wrapping. blue tissue paper w/ a crocheted string and flower for a bow. very cute. mama's day brunch was nice. i ate a lot of seafood. king crab legs, halibut, salmon, & shrimp. lata on, i went to visit my girl mandara. i gave her tha white hat (down below). i made it w/ her in mind and it fit perfectly. we were up until 3am brainstormin on all types of things. i'm payin for it now (and will probably b knocked out when i get home), but i've got a lot new ideas in my head. i'm goin to make anutha hat, but this time w/ cotton and tha brim will b bigger. i want some slight ruffle action. that'd b dope!

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