took some pics
tha burgundy scarf is finished. i would take pics of it, but tha cheesy web cam i bought tha otha day is just that...cheesy. i'm takin it back to tha store tomorrow cuz i'm tired of lookin @ grainy pictures. ha. so, i'm tryin to finish tha matchin hat, but my heart isn't into it. today was just one of those days.


i figured out what i did wrong w/ tha cable stitch. i tried 3 times...tha third time was a charm.


i'm just gettin home after spendin some time w/ my friends. lady wiz is preparin for her next show. so reinna and i was helpin her make a flyer. i'm so excited. cuz shit is really beginnin to happen for all of my friends. reinna recited some new pieces and they all had me sittin in my chair dumbfounded. my mouth was literally hangin open. and it wasn't some ole basic u r tha rain and i am tha sun type stuff. it was real personal - like rip my heart outta my chest and see what's inside type personal - and thought provoking. i'm still feelin it. wow. i don't think my poetry/writings would ever b like that. anywayz, she's openin up for tha poetry jam next week so u know butta.fly is makin her girl a hat. she gotta look fly right? i'm makin some progress on tha burgundy scarf. tha ends will have 13 rows of clusters and tha body will b a half double ridge stitch i'm playin w/. i wanna b done w/ it by sunday. then i can move on to tha matchin burgundy cap and finish tha bag that goes w/ tha pink fuzzy hat ( i crocheted it w/ baby pink acryllic yarn--turned out kinda cool).


i completed my first cable stitch. i followed a pattern out of my better homes and garden's complete book of knitting, crochet, & embroidery. tha cable is really tiny (probably cuz i used small needles) and it looks kinda stretched/puckered. maybe tha cable needle i used was too thick? ya think?


today i thought 'bout how nice a knitted tunic would look w/ bell sleeves. sumthin long...to wear w/ pants. sounds yummy. i should sketch it. tried followin bonne marie's cabling instructions and it just isn't workin for me. *sigh* i haven't given up...i will conquer this. just like i did when i first learned how to knit. OH, i'm itchin to get my hands on berroco's optik. tha colors r outta sight!
yippy skippy! i have internet access @ work once again. it's been a long four months -story here-. anywayz, @ lunch i bought a cable needle. i will -for tha third time- test my cable stitching ability -my ability howeva is non.existent-. i was tryin w/ a dpn, but i found it gets in my way and it's frustrating. so i bought a cutesy cable needle. i will get it right (theresa, i may need ur help after all. *smile*) i'm doin my best to work on my orders, but wheneva i have a lot to make my motivation goes downhill. so when this passion/love of mine starts feelin like work, what do i do? start non.work.related.projects haha. i'm sure i'm not tha onlee person to do this. so, this is what i'm workin on/'bout to start workin on patchwork bag i've got 8 squares made...4 to go. camoflage baby blanket for kkarms um, i guess that's it for now. i've got 3 prototypes to make for p. he's been wantin to get my hats on his site for a while now. after spendin a mahvelous weekend w/ him in dc, i gave in. stay tuned.


my friend stood me up...so there was no lesson. oh well. one scarf is done. two more to go. i'm thinkin 'bout usin up tha scraps of yarn that has accumulated over tha years and make a bag...a patchwork bag. i'm hella sleepy. i'm takin my tail to bed. goodnite.


i spent $90 on yarn. for once, i will actually use every single skein. things to make: 3 hat/scarf sets 1hat/bag set 1 headband 6 hats also, my friend leigh is comin by. i ran into him @ wal.mart and he wants me to teach him how to crochet. is that cool or what? tha onlee person i've taught so far is babygirl and she's right.handed. he's a lefty like me, so hopefully tha lesson will go smoothly. i'll let ya know how it goes.
i'm on east coast time and i hate tha fact that even tho' i went to bed @ 3am, i was awake @ 7. tha sun is shinin oh so brightly and i gave in and said "eff it, i might as well start my day". so today, i'm goin to tha yarn store. i have a lot of things to make. i'm even thinkin 'bout gettin everything i need to make socks. i am ready i tell ya. i luv knee socks (toe socks especially) in bright, crazy colors and it dawned on me that i could make some. happy friday!
is there some type of tool that can smooth tha rough insides of wooden beads? i wanted to incorporate some beads into a hat and tha beads keep snaggin tha yarn. *frown* help?


i'm home after experiencing tha plane ride from hell. gettin sick while airborne is absolutely horrible. i'm glad i made it back safely. i've got a lot of crocheting to do and i have to plan my next trip. woohoo.


i went to bar nun last nite w/ my big ass bag full of hats. there were so many folks in there i couldn't even enjoy it. luckily, there was an upstairs that had some dope music and a couple of empty tables for me to lay my stuff out on. i met jahi, tha brotha who wraps wire around stones and makes tha most beautiful and unique jewelry i've ever seen --u know i had to get a ring. i sold 3 hats. got a lot of email addies and a lot of interest --y oh y did i forget to stock up on my bizness cards? all in all tha trip has been blessed. i return to alaska tomorrow to 26in. of snow --lady wiz confirmed that for me. y didn't i bring my boots?


knitalicious...i luv that name. *cheesin*
check this sis out. she knits and crochets and just started her own biz. check out her brown suga bags. oh my goodness! i dig ur style sis. thanx for tha kind words...i appreciate them immensely. much luv to u.
i'm in dc and luvin every minute of it. i don't want to go home. that's how serious it is. i've received so much luv since i stepped off tha plane. i've sold 15 pieces so far. my goal tonite is to sell 15 more. i head home wednesday. i hope i don't come home to find 3ft of snow waitin for me. that would suck. my pink fuzzy scarf is finally finished and it looks oh so funky. it's my fave. my friend took me to michael's and i went crazy buyin yarn. all of my big crowns sold immediately (there r so many dreads here -- i feel @ home) so i needed to get yarn to make some more. did i tell u i'm luvin this place? i should move. i really should.


i'm tired. should b in bed, but i'm up doin last minute things b4 i head to tha airport. i've got my scarf packed in my bag still on tha bamboo needles. i'm hopin i can get on tha plane w/ them. cross ur fingas for me. have a great week!


looks like my pink fuzzy scarf won't b finished in time for tha trip. *frown* sumthin inside said measure it. now, i'm 5'2" and like my scarves to b long enuff to touch my thighs. tha p.f.s. is @ my waist. i'm afraid i will have to spend anutha $12 on some more yarn cuz i don't think i have enuff. *frown* 40 hats r made for tha trip. since i'm not satisfied w/ that number, i'm goin to make 10 more -- b4 tues., in between cleanin house, packin clothes, finishin up my reconstructed jean skirt (i started that 4mos ago), and work. i'm doin my best not to b stressed or feel rushed, but i can't help but feel that way. i feel a migraine comin on. i need a massage...or maybe just a glass (or two) of wine. have a great weekend y'all. peace.


i've spent my last couple of lunch hours @ knitting frenzy sittin on tha luv seat crochetin my cares away. today i had an hour to kill b4 gettin babygirl from her sewin class, so where did i go...again? knittin frenzy (it's across tha street from my job). i walked 'round tha whole store 5, 6, maybe 7 times. i luv feelin tha yarn. while i'm feelin and oohin and aahin over tha colors, i'm imaginin all of tha things i could make w/ tha stuff. i look @ tha wools and wonder how long it took to spin it (i'm goin to spin one day). *sigh* i'm a yarn fiend, yes i am.


i visited shobhanista dot net yesterday and then had to check out her side site stars n stitches and got tha urge to make scarves again. her mufflers r beautiful. 8 more days and i will b in dc. i'm hopin for "warm" weather. then again, if tha weather doesn't cooperate, i'll b able to wear tha camoflage scarf that i luv so much. also, i changed up my page a bit. i realized i need to take more pictures of my crowns and bags. i should put a site togetha (w/ paypal even)...i will put a site togetha. after i buy my digicam.


drinkin herbal tea @ 1am. it's been warm lately and i haven't been in the mood to make scarves. i guess i will stop until...august? then again, i'm in alaska. tha weather seems to change every couple of hours (i think it's snowing right now). it's 1am. i should b in bed, but i can't help but watch moonlite and valentino and think 'bout pulling out my sewing machine. as a child, i wanted to b a fashion designer, so i had to have a sewing machine. moms wouldn't buy me one. then, two christmases ago i asked and received. i've only used it 3 times. i learned to knit last year...this year i'm going to sew. i've got a lot of designs that need to b worn.