yippy skippy! i have internet access @ work once again. it's been a long four months -story here-. anywayz, @ lunch i bought a cable needle. i will -for tha third time- test my cable stitching ability -my ability howeva is non.existent-. i was tryin w/ a dpn, but i found it gets in my way and it's frustrating. so i bought a cutesy cable needle. i will get it right (theresa, i may need ur help after all. *smile*) i'm doin my best to work on my orders, but wheneva i have a lot to make my motivation goes downhill. so when this passion/love of mine starts feelin like work, what do i do? start non.work.related.projects haha. i'm sure i'm not tha onlee person to do this. so, this is what i'm workin on/'bout to start workin on patchwork bag i've got 8 squares made...4 to go. camoflage baby blanket for kkarms um, i guess that's it for now. i've got 3 prototypes to make for p. he's been wantin to get my hats on his site for a while now. after spendin a mahvelous weekend w/ him in dc, i gave in. stay tuned.

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