i'm just gettin home after spendin some time w/ my friends. lady wiz is preparin for her next show. so reinna and i was helpin her make a flyer. i'm so excited. cuz shit is really beginnin to happen for all of my friends. reinna recited some new pieces and they all had me sittin in my chair dumbfounded. my mouth was literally hangin open. and it wasn't some ole basic u r tha rain and i am tha sun type stuff. it was real personal - like rip my heart outta my chest and see what's inside type personal - and thought provoking. i'm still feelin it. wow. i don't think my poetry/writings would ever b like that. anywayz, she's openin up for tha poetry jam next week so u know butta.fly is makin her girl a hat. she gotta look fly right? i'm makin some progress on tha burgundy scarf. tha ends will have 13 rows of clusters and tha body will b a half double ridge stitch i'm playin w/. i wanna b done w/ it by sunday. then i can move on to tha matchin burgundy cap and finish tha bag that goes w/ tha pink fuzzy hat ( i crocheted it w/ baby pink acryllic yarn--turned out kinda cool).

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