the forest fair was lovely. however, i rained 80% of the time we were there (major downpour!). we all had a good time. we being me, my girls sarah and danielle, and last but not least babygirl. i was so proud of her. it was her first time seeing her mama in business mode and she was right there helping customers and making hats. now we all can't sit in a booth all day and not have a hook or knitting needles in our hands, now can we? the ppl were great this year (there were lots of nasty comments made by customers last year..."ooh, i can make that for a lot cheaper"-get my drift?). i got a lot of feedback, lots of biz cards were taken so i'm a happy camper. we met a lot of cool vendors. we got our trade on (that's the best part!!!). ate lots of good food ($5.75 strawberry shortcakes w/ banana topped w/ whip cream and caramel-it's worth money i swear!!!)

since returning from the forest fair, a sista has been extremely tired. it's like i was on a 4 day adrenaline rush and then suddenly crashed. it sucks, but what sucks more is wed-sun of last week i lost my voice and mon. i found out i've got a respiratory infection. it sounds worse than it is, but again, it SUCKS! i hate being sick and it seems within the last 4 years of my life i get sick more frequently (6-8 times a year). so i've been questioning my diet and lifestyle. i'm too young to feel the way i do.

in knitting news...currently making a cropped hooded sweater using stacy tahki charles' soho tweed (my favorite yarn at the moment!!). be on the lookout for pics.