so i've got lots of plans for the bflywears blog. i want it to be fun and creative, but mostly reflect my personality and the stuff i make. it's going to be awesome!

i stayed home from work yesterday because lil miss woke up sick. i felt bad for her because she couldn't keep any food down (or water). later on in the evening she started feeling better. when i came home from school, she said she felt "very much much better". she's so cute.

i completed the front of the placed cable aran. currently working on the first sleeve. i'm getting close to finishing. yay!




listening to: really tho.patti blingh & the akebulah 5

besides wanting to make more blankets, i want to make more cardigans. cardigans in every color of the rainbow. yellow especially (my new favorite color). i'm gonna have to work that out.

scrap yarn blanket

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well, i couldn't wait to take pictures. the ends still need to be sewn in and even though i'm somewhat dreading that task, i can't help but want to make another.


listening to: my moon my man.feist

feist. i love her voice.

i spent the weekend finishing up my scrap yarn afghan. i originally planned to crochet a border around the blanket, but i just couldn't decide on whether to use one solid color or keep with the theme and use various scrap yarns. well, after i finished my last row i decided not to add a border. all that's left to do is to weave in all the ends. my blanket is awesome! babygirl and i were testing it out all weekend and it's very warm AND very soft! i will take pics of it once i get the ends woven in.

i've been thinking about blankets a lot and want to make more. i've got a couple of friends having babies (yay! i get to make baby stuff!) and i think lil miss is ready for a big girl blanket (she's grown out of her baby blankets). the possibilities are endless. i can't wait to get started.

i also got some work done on my place cable aran sweater. since opening the shop, i haven't had much time to work on it. so half done with the front. i'm getting close to finishing and can't wait to wear it.

i hope all is well. have a great day.


Technicolor Dream Cycles Crown in Green

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my latest creation. i made this beauty while watching brasilintime. i don't know what came over me, but the music took over and before i knew this hat was finished. i like it a lot. it's huge and if i were to wear it, i would probably have to grow my locs for anutha 3 years to fill it (maybe a little more). but while taking pictures of it, i found that it makes a nice turban cover (i'm wearing a headwrap underneath).


dear blog,

it's been snowing almost 24 hours. i love it when it snows. at nite everything is peaceful and the world seems to move in slow motion. i need that in my life right now. peace. i've been scrambling to get my finances in order and boy oh boy am i stressed. i'm working to change things though. change cannot happen without a little discomfort, right?

i'm going to watch the snow fall a little while longer.


it's my birthday

90/365: making a wish
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i've been doing a little birthday dance all day (which includes some booty shaking a la the 50 cent video).

so it's a new year! i'm so excited and looking forward to what the year will bring. some things i'm going to work on this year...truly taking care of me physically, mentally, and spiritually...get my finances in order. some crafty things i want to do this year are practice spinning and learning how to use my wheel better, SEW SEW SEW, and work with embroidery.

i appreciate everyone who's taken the time to read my words. i wish you much happiness and joy this year!