listening to: my moon my man.feist

feist. i love her voice.

i spent the weekend finishing up my scrap yarn afghan. i originally planned to crochet a border around the blanket, but i just couldn't decide on whether to use one solid color or keep with the theme and use various scrap yarns. well, after i finished my last row i decided not to add a border. all that's left to do is to weave in all the ends. my blanket is awesome! babygirl and i were testing it out all weekend and it's very warm AND very soft! i will take pics of it once i get the ends woven in.

i've been thinking about blankets a lot and want to make more. i've got a couple of friends having babies (yay! i get to make baby stuff!) and i think lil miss is ready for a big girl blanket (she's grown out of her baby blankets). the possibilities are endless. i can't wait to get started.

i also got some work done on my place cable aran sweater. since opening the shop, i haven't had much time to work on it. so half done with the front. i'm getting close to finishing and can't wait to wear it.

i hope all is well. have a great day.

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