it's my birthday

90/365: making a wish
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i've been doing a little birthday dance all day (which includes some booty shaking a la the 50 cent video).

so it's a new year! i'm so excited and looking forward to what the year will bring. some things i'm going to work on this year...truly taking care of me physically, mentally, and spiritually...get my finances in order. some crafty things i want to do this year are practice spinning and learning how to use my wheel better, SEW SEW SEW, and work with embroidery.

i appreciate everyone who's taken the time to read my words. i wish you much happiness and joy this year!


cici said...

Happy Birthday, here's wishing you a great year. May the most you wish for be the least you get!

sappmama said...

I was just wandering around, seeing what my Ravelry friends are up to. Looks like I'm still in time to wish you a (belated) happy birthday and a wonderful new year. :)

TruEssence said...

Have a great year sis!! Happy belated birthday! You look so peaceful and content in that pic!:)