i don't usually watch the bet awards, but last nite i was flipping thru channels and stumbled upon it in time to see the tribute to al green.

all i gotta say is...maxwell baby, seeing you step on stage was a nice surprise. your voice still makes me weak in the knees. i love you.


i went to a consignment shop i discovered the other day and found this amazing dress. it's made in thailand and has a fabulous tulip pattern on it. i don't know what the name of this dress is called, but what i do know is...I NEED MORE OF THEM! it was love at first sight i tell ya.


i am sore. on saturday, lil miss and i participated in the alaska run for women. it's a five mile race that raises money for breast cancer research. i did it with my mom this year and was so empowered afterward. this year, i was left feeling the same way. it was cloudy and a little rainy that morning and everytime i felt like quitting a woman would walk by me with a "in memory of..." sign on her back. i'm quite astonished over how many names i saw during my walk. it's just another reminder that i need to take better care of my body. lil miss was my other motivator. that kid walked three miles on her own (i am so glad i brought the stroller). we turned the race into a nature walk by looking at flowers and identifying birds. we had a lot of fun.

my little girl is coming up on her 5th birthday. i can't believe it's been that long. it feels like she's been with me forever. we're in the middle of planning her party and when asked what she wanted she said, "first, i want a birthday cake because you have to have a birthday cake on your birthday." she went through the rest of her list and then said, "mom, i don't have much fingers to count on, do you have much fingers to count on?" she's a trip i tell ya and i love her to pieces.

i hope you all had a great weekend. and i hope you have an even better week!


it's finished.


i started a new project to get my creative juices flowing. it's called "a project a day". basically, i'm going to make one thing everyday. so far it's gotten off to a rocky start. i've made three things (one i didn't even take a picture of). i was way off track once the weekend hit. so i've started anew this week.

using what's in my stash, i made a clutch. it's not completely finished because it needs some kind of closure. i'm thinking this would be the perfect item to learn how to put a zipper in. it's been suggested that i just do some sort of button closure on it. after taking this photo, i did make a little button closure flap. will take pictures of that once i re-center it (that's what i get for sewing in the dark!). i like how it turned out.

i've been playing with my hair a lot lately. now that i finally have some length, i can do different styles. i've been wanting to curl my hair for a while now and my girl gave me the answer. lock loops.

i love them. they are easy to use and what's even better is that i can sleep on them (that's the first time that's ever happened).

more to come! peace.


this weekend was all about:

sex and the city
sweatin' on the dance floor
the oceans festival
lil miss & her new rainbow tutu
kung fu panda (it's so great!)
mimosas and sunday brunch with my girls


listening to: who's gonna save my soul.gnarls barkley

the latest gnarls barkley is so yummy. actually, cee-lo's voice is the yummy part. i love him.

i haven't been as productive as i would like. i'm still getting used to being back at home with the folks. we're all getting into a groove now, so it's not as bad as it was when we first moved in. but still, i find myself spending a lot of time in bed, staring out the window.

lil miss has been coaxing me outdoors by going on walks around the neighborhood. there's a park in the 'hood too, so i've been taking her there. the park has two large ponds and a hilly area where i used to sit and watch the sunset. there are lots of ducks and geese that hang out there so we watch them too. that's the bonus about being back at home. the 'hood hasn't changed. most of the families i grew up around are still there. however, the park is rundown and covered in bad graffiti. all in all i'm appreciative of our walks and i definitely need the exercise.

i haven't made much, but decided to make a sleeve for my laptop on saturday. it's a tad bit long, but i fixed it by folding the edge down. lil miss became immediately intrigued by it and let me know that my sleeve also works as a sleeping bag for her teddy bear. i will take pictures of it so you can see how cute it is.

i've spending a lot of time evaluating my self. wondering if i'm still battling depression (maybe a little) or if i just need to make some huge changes in my life. can depression really be beat? or will i have to deal with it for the rest of my life?

i pray all is well with those of you that come to this space.

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