i started a new project to get my creative juices flowing. it's called "a project a day". basically, i'm going to make one thing everyday. so far it's gotten off to a rocky start. i've made three things (one i didn't even take a picture of). i was way off track once the weekend hit. so i've started anew this week.

using what's in my stash, i made a clutch. it's not completely finished because it needs some kind of closure. i'm thinking this would be the perfect item to learn how to put a zipper in. it's been suggested that i just do some sort of button closure on it. after taking this photo, i did make a little button closure flap. will take pictures of that once i re-center it (that's what i get for sewing in the dark!). i like how it turned out.

i've been playing with my hair a lot lately. now that i finally have some length, i can do different styles. i've been wanting to curl my hair for a while now and my girl gave me the answer. lock loops.

i love them. they are easy to use and what's even better is that i can sleep on them (that's the first time that's ever happened).

more to come! peace.

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TruEssence said...

Beautiful clutch! I love the colors you chose! Love your curls too!:)