i'm on a hat kick now. i bought some noro kureyon in 4 different color ways and have decided to make hats out of it all. honestly, justine bateman has inspired my hat making obsession. her hats are cute and look easy to make. i'm still on a mission to make a knitted hat i like absolutely love.

crocheted two hats last nite. the mate to my fortissima sock is almost done and i'm almost done w/ the front of the crossover sweater. my lopi sweater has me stumped @ the moment and i have until tuesday to get the body done. ha! i've got a lot of knitting to do.

i'm in the process of designing a cap sleeve babydoll top. my belly is absolutely huge (and getting bigger by the day...it seems) and i wanna make something really cute for myself. it'll probably b crocheted and i want to use brown sheep's cotton fleece. but where in the world do i start to do sumthin like this?


my mentor, bestest friend, 2nd mom fadimata has been in dc for a lil over a year now and she's still miserable. so i'm sending her a lil care package. one item i hope she loves is the scarf i made in berroco's nimbus. that stuff knits up fast. gotta get more of it.

the crossover sweater is coming along nicely. i've noticed that i feel more @ peace when i knit w/ size 2 needles. i don't know y that is. i'm really enjoying creating sumthin for my baby. i put every ounce of love i can into each stitch. when i finish the heart pattern, i'll take a pic.

OH! i finally finished the parallelo sweater. i'll take pics of that as soon as it's blocked and sewn together. yay for me!


i've been busy busy busy. currently taking a lopi sweater class. so far, i'm doing okay. i was a little leary about doing color work, but i'm getting the hang of it. both sleeves are done and i've started working on the body. i started making a cross over back sweater (in little badger) for my lil miss (the baby). it's so tiny. can't wait to see it finished. pics soon come.