made dinner tonite. bbq tofu, marinated kale greens, scallop potatoes, and black beans. i eat black beans all the time. gotta switch it up a bit.

i've spent the day cleaning and washing clothes. i'm still not finished and it's almost 10:30. i gotta fit homework in the mix too. depression is a bitch and i'm still wondering if it's real. will it go away? am i making this up? when i don't complete something or perform my best, i feel worse. so i'm doing my best to be gentle with myself. doing my best to pat myself on the back for the little things i accomplish. it's so easy to focus on the negative and i definitely notice a difference when i focus on the positive.

sometimes i wonder how much i should share in this space. then sometimes i think it shouldn't matter. it doesn't i guess.

i'm blabbing now. gotta wash the dishes and put a fresh set of sheets on the bed.



my apartment is beginning to feel like home. my parents came over last nite and helped me unpack a lot of boxes. without them, i'd be unpacking until november. god bless them. they are so amazing.

the snow has begun to fall on the mountains (it's so pretty) and there's a little chill in the air. but the sun is shining (thank goodness after so much rain) and the grass is still green. it's a beautiful day people.

may you enjoy your saturday! have a great weekend.


we've been in our place for three days. lil miss is so thrilled. i am too. there's so much work to be done and i think it'll take at least a month before i get all of my boxes unpacked. i'm looking forward to that though cuz i want to decorate my space so badly. i saw the potential before all of the boxes were put in the living room. i have a room for my yarn and things. i'm excited about that too.

it's getting dark at nite nowadays. it's always a strange transition - you get used to the extremely long days and then one day you look out of your window and it's dark. i like this time of year. the moon and stars show themselves again and it's like reuniting with old friends. the leaves have started to turn colors and the mountains are covered in purple, yellow, and green.

this is a time of transition. i found my sacred woman & heal thyself books. i am definitely going to do a cleanse. i feel empowered these days.


i am so thankful to the most high!

ladies (& gentleman?), i got the apartment! i made a list of what i wanted in a place before i moved (three bedrooms was on that list). i haven't really thought about it since but got exactly what was on the list. i was looking at two bedroom apartments because those were what i could afford. lil miss and i drove up to this place and she/we fell in love. i looked at the two bedroom, wanted it, knew i was going to get it, and then the owners told me they rented it. but then they offered to rent me their three bedroom for the same price. i got the official call today and we're moving this weekend!

i have been beaming all day. i couldn't wait to get lil miss from school so i could tell her the news. posting around these parts will be sparse for a few weeks until we get settled. i want to thank everyone who put out some good energy for me. it's so appreciated!

peace & blessings.


listening to: wild wild wild is the wind.suzi analogue

this has been an interesting day. i went to bed last nite not feeling well. i woke up to my head in a cloud and my throat sore. lil miss has started to cough. we're both getting a cold. i felt worse as the day went on, but stayed at work to finish an online class.

this was my fourth time taking this class (need a 100% to pass) and today was the last day to complete it. i was leaving early to head to a dr's appt (gotta get to the bottom of this acne breakout) so i gathered up my book to complete the last test at home.

i had been praying for a week that this dr's visit wasn't going to cost a lot. i brought the money i had and just kept praying. when that woman told me all i had to pay was my $15 co-pay, i almost screamed with excitement.

my head's still in a fog and i almost forgot to take the last test for my class. once again, i prayed. prayed that i would pass (you get three chances, i was already on the second) this time. i just finished and PASSED! i couldn't help but cry. that's one stress off of my shoulders.

i'm going to sleep good tonite.


peace peace peace
love love love

fall is on its way and i'm wondering what's in store for me. i saw the most beautiful apartment the other day. even lil miss was in love. the apartment hunt is coming to an end tho. there is a friend of a friend that is willing to rent to me (yay!), however, i have yet to see the place so i don't know if it will work for us. we'll see tho.

feeling good these days. i've been inspired by a bunch of creative folks i've been finding online. the creative juices have been flowing and it feels good (it's been a while). currently making some neckwarmers (i think i'm going to keep one for myself this time).

lil miss is loving school. the first week had completely wiped her out. i'd find her asleep on the couch before 6pm and she'd sleep thru the nite. i think she's adjusted now.

enjoy the day y'all. love love.