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this has been an interesting day. i went to bed last nite not feeling well. i woke up to my head in a cloud and my throat sore. lil miss has started to cough. we're both getting a cold. i felt worse as the day went on, but stayed at work to finish an online class.

this was my fourth time taking this class (need a 100% to pass) and today was the last day to complete it. i was leaving early to head to a dr's appt (gotta get to the bottom of this acne breakout) so i gathered up my book to complete the last test at home.

i had been praying for a week that this dr's visit wasn't going to cost a lot. i brought the money i had and just kept praying. when that woman told me all i had to pay was my $15 co-pay, i almost screamed with excitement.

my head's still in a fog and i almost forgot to take the last test for my class. once again, i prayed. prayed that i would pass (you get three chances, i was already on the second) this time. i just finished and PASSED! i couldn't help but cry. that's one stress off of my shoulders.

i'm going to sleep good tonite.

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