i am so thankful to the most high!

ladies (& gentleman?), i got the apartment! i made a list of what i wanted in a place before i moved (three bedrooms was on that list). i haven't really thought about it since but got exactly what was on the list. i was looking at two bedroom apartments because those were what i could afford. lil miss and i drove up to this place and she/we fell in love. i looked at the two bedroom, wanted it, knew i was going to get it, and then the owners told me they rented it. but then they offered to rent me their three bedroom for the same price. i got the official call today and we're moving this weekend!

i have been beaming all day. i couldn't wait to get lil miss from school so i could tell her the news. posting around these parts will be sparse for a few weeks until we get settled. i want to thank everyone who put out some good energy for me. it's so appreciated!

peace & blessings.


TruEssence said...

Congrats sis! I am very happy for you! I know how bad you wanted it! Have fun moving into your new space!:)

JesPlayin said...

congrats on your new place! I know all too well the excitement of a new place. We just purchased our first home --a fixer upper-- and I'm having a great time putting it together and really making it home. Enjoy your new place!