peace peace peace
love love love

fall is on its way and i'm wondering what's in store for me. i saw the most beautiful apartment the other day. even lil miss was in love. the apartment hunt is coming to an end tho. there is a friend of a friend that is willing to rent to me (yay!), however, i have yet to see the place so i don't know if it will work for us. we'll see tho.

feeling good these days. i've been inspired by a bunch of creative folks i've been finding online. the creative juices have been flowing and it feels good (it's been a while). currently making some neckwarmers (i think i'm going to keep one for myself this time).

lil miss is loving school. the first week had completely wiped her out. i'd find her asleep on the couch before 6pm and she'd sleep thru the nite. i think she's adjusted now.

enjoy the day y'all. love love.

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