we've been in our place for three days. lil miss is so thrilled. i am too. there's so much work to be done and i think it'll take at least a month before i get all of my boxes unpacked. i'm looking forward to that though cuz i want to decorate my space so badly. i saw the potential before all of the boxes were put in the living room. i have a room for my yarn and things. i'm excited about that too.

it's getting dark at nite nowadays. it's always a strange transition - you get used to the extremely long days and then one day you look out of your window and it's dark. i like this time of year. the moon and stars show themselves again and it's like reuniting with old friends. the leaves have started to turn colors and the mountains are covered in purple, yellow, and green.

this is a time of transition. i found my sacred woman & heal thyself books. i am definitely going to do a cleanse. i feel empowered these days.

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Anna said...

I stumbled into your blog via Knitsonya's - I think - and wow! I'm so overwhelmed by your style and colours. And by the fact that you live in Alaska.
Good luck with your new apartment.
All the best wishes! /Anna