made dinner tonite. bbq tofu, marinated kale greens, scallop potatoes, and black beans. i eat black beans all the time. gotta switch it up a bit.

i've spent the day cleaning and washing clothes. i'm still not finished and it's almost 10:30. i gotta fit homework in the mix too. depression is a bitch and i'm still wondering if it's real. will it go away? am i making this up? when i don't complete something or perform my best, i feel worse. so i'm doing my best to be gentle with myself. doing my best to pat myself on the back for the little things i accomplish. it's so easy to focus on the negative and i definitely notice a difference when i focus on the positive.

sometimes i wonder how much i should share in this space. then sometimes i think it shouldn't matter. it doesn't i guess.

i'm blabbing now. gotta wash the dishes and put a fresh set of sheets on the bed.


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TruEssence said...

Yes sis be gentle with yourself. You are a great mom and very talented! You have a lot going on and respect your dedication.:)