i'm bored. here r some pics... one of mandara's hats - made out of debbie bliss' wool/cotton. an almost finished camoflage rambling rows baby jacket for kkarma's sakura if u haven't been to redlipstick lately, u need to click the link now and check out stacey's funky, new hats. i really need to work on my knitted hat skills. man oh man. k, i'm goin to bed now. goodnite world.


i need more space. i suddenly got the urge to finish things. mandara leaves tues. nite and i've got four of her items washed and blocked. how long does it take for things to dry after washing them? stuff is laid out all over my living room floor. clem is going to shit bricks when she comes thru tomorrow. ha. while finishing things, i also have the urge to start things. i've been wanting to make funky looking sleeves. so i started knitting some w/ the left over pink mohair. i'm also thinking 'bout starting a scarf w/ artful yarn's museum. i got some help w/ the rebecca sweater. i was cruisin along and have gotten stuck/confused once again. i made sure i fully understood the next set of instructions before i left the frenzy, but i think i've forgotten what i was told. then again, i think it's more doubt than forgetfulness. i'd hate to get really far on it and then have to rip all my work out. i guess that's the onlee way i'll learn right? ::: roc, i want to see some of ur handi.work.
i'm making the orange sweater. it comes out of a rebecca mag and is also shown in this month's interweave. it seems to knit up pretty quickly, but i'm not sure if i'm doing the stitch correctly (half fisherman's rib). my stitch doesn't match the stitch shown on the sweater. hopefully, i can get some help on it today and work on it over the weekend. oh, i can knit some. the pain in my hand has gone away, but it's still a lil tender in the area where the stitches r. while watching 'dances with wolves', i finished the sleeve on the rambling rows baby jacket and got it all sewed up. i'm thinking 'bout making a hat and matching booties too. i've got some blocking to do as well. i've never blocked anything before. the concept has been explained to me and i've read a lil bit on it. it seems simple enuff. pictures soon come.


mmmmm mohair. i am loving the stuff. i have to buy more of it. maybe even knit w/ it. i've decided to frog the neckdown sweater. continuous stockinette is not fun. i have been bored to tears (working on smaller projects hasn't even helped). so now i wanna make sumthin funky. sumthin colorful and chunky. the rebecca mag always has cool stuff in it. i've checkin out a few lopi patterns too. hopefully, i'll find sumthin to tickle my fancy. i'll keep u posted.


not a lot has been goin on. i managed to cut my hand on thurs nite (story on the other blog) and got 5 stitches. i went 2 days w/o making anything, but the pressure was too much. i was goin nuts just sittin 'round. i even started bitin my nails again. pitiful, i know. i ended up crocheting 2 mohair hats. i should b able to relax, but i can't.


aight y'all, i've been thinkin of a way to get active in my community. and one thought i have is makin winter gear for tha homeless. so i wanna know...r u active in ur community? if so, what do u do? (it doesn't have to b crochet/knit related).


i've been surrounded by cotton yarn. yep. my ex has asked me to make 10 "lighter weight" hats. so i've been busy. i have to get used to tha stuff. i spent a couple hours on one hat bcuz it kept growing. no matter how many times i ripped it back and decreased, it still kept growing. turns out i shoulda been using an "f" hook instead of an "h". tha teal socks r close to being finished. i turned one heel and i'm starting tha heel flap on tha second. mandara has been wearing tha jacquard joints and they look so cute on her. i gotta hurry up and finish this new pair. also, tha rambling rows jacket is close to being finished as well. i'm half way done w/ tha first sleeve. i'd like to have it done by sunday, since tha baby will b here soon.


here's a not so great pic of tha lang jawoll jacquard socks.


made w/ tha himalayan yarn co.'s wool/recycled silk blend... above...tha "tibetan dreams" hat i made for knitting frenzy. i made a red one for mandara, it's groovy. tha jacquard socks r almost finished. pics of those will b up soon.


i just finished making a hat for tha frenzy. it's tha "tibetan dreams" hat made w/ tha himalayan yarn co.'s wool.silk blend. it's quite groovy if i must say so myself. mandara modeled it for me and she looks damn good in it. anywayz, i'm proud bcuz this was my first time following a crochet pattern. starting tha hat was a lil rocky, but once i figured out what i was doing, it was a piece of cake. pics soon come. tha neckdown sweater seems to b takin forever to make. tha whole thing is in stockinette. i've been trying to do @ least 2 rows a day, but it's not gettin me anywhere. i guess i'll need to increase that. i will finish it...even if it takes me a year. happy moon-day.


tha temps have been in tha 80s tha last couple of days. babygirl and i stayed home yesterday since we were both getting over some type of stomach flu. around 5pm, i made her get dressed so we could go outside and sit in tha sun. we laid out tha blanket and crocheted. she's makin a bag for her wooden flute. i hope she finishes it. i haven't been makin much of anything. i'm workin on tha mate to tha jacquard sock. that's it. i need to build up my inventory for tha fall. i'm tired of makin tha same ole stuff...same ole styles. it's time to step things up a bit.