i'm making the orange sweater. it comes out of a rebecca mag and is also shown in this month's interweave. it seems to knit up pretty quickly, but i'm not sure if i'm doing the stitch correctly (half fisherman's rib). my stitch doesn't match the stitch shown on the sweater. hopefully, i can get some help on it today and work on it over the weekend. oh, i can knit some. the pain in my hand has gone away, but it's still a lil tender in the area where the stitches r. while watching 'dances with wolves', i finished the sleeve on the rambling rows baby jacket and got it all sewed up. i'm thinking 'bout making a hat and matching booties too. i've got some blocking to do as well. i've never blocked anything before. the concept has been explained to me and i've read a lil bit on it. it seems simple enuff. pictures soon come.

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