i need more space. i suddenly got the urge to finish things. mandara leaves tues. nite and i've got four of her items washed and blocked. how long does it take for things to dry after washing them? stuff is laid out all over my living room floor. clem is going to shit bricks when she comes thru tomorrow. ha. while finishing things, i also have the urge to start things. i've been wanting to make funky looking sleeves. so i started knitting some w/ the left over pink mohair. i'm also thinking 'bout starting a scarf w/ artful yarn's museum. i got some help w/ the rebecca sweater. i was cruisin along and have gotten stuck/confused once again. i made sure i fully understood the next set of instructions before i left the frenzy, but i think i've forgotten what i was told. then again, i think it's more doubt than forgetfulness. i'd hate to get really far on it and then have to rip all my work out. i guess that's the onlee way i'll learn right? ::: roc, i want to see some of ur handi.work.

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