i've been surrounded by cotton yarn. yep. my ex has asked me to make 10 "lighter weight" hats. so i've been busy. i have to get used to tha stuff. i spent a couple hours on one hat bcuz it kept growing. no matter how many times i ripped it back and decreased, it still kept growing. turns out i shoulda been using an "f" hook instead of an "h". tha teal socks r close to being finished. i turned one heel and i'm starting tha heel flap on tha second. mandara has been wearing tha jacquard joints and they look so cute on her. i gotta hurry up and finish this new pair. also, tha rambling rows jacket is close to being finished as well. i'm half way done w/ tha first sleeve. i'd like to have it done by sunday, since tha baby will b here soon.

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