have you ever watched snow fall? it's so peaceful and serene. we got our first snow fall (about an inch) last thursday and i woke up to a few more inches this morning. i've spent this year really paying attention to what each season brings. i'm appreciating this place more and more.

slowly coming up with a plan to decorate my home. i'm not allowed to paint, so i'm going to add some spice to my space by using color. i'm itching to spend some cash, but i have to be patient (and responsible!) and work on it slowly.

anyway, not much has been going on. i've just been focusing on cycles, rituals, and routines. getting organized (which seems to be a never ending process).



feeling: new york magazine's "ask a shop clerk" and the "look book".

i hate perfume-i would really love to have this guy make a scent for me. i found his site via the 'ask a shop clerk' column in ny mag. i spent an hour just reading the faq's. i love how his mind works. he's a true artist indeed.

thinking: my introduction to allure magazine while in highschool. i always loved reading the editor's beauty picks. i also dreamed of using kiehl's products (kiehl's always seemed to be mentioned in there somewhere). i still do.

i want flawless skin.

reading: Pour Your Heart into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time-a friend recommended it to me for business building tips, but it's really got me interested in exploring the world of coffee and coffee drinking.

making: toddler mitts. i'm using every bit of my stash and i love it.
ribbed stole-i wanted to have this done for the saul william's show on the 13th, but i seemed to have misplaced a skein of lamb's pride. don't you hate when stuff just disappears? i'm sure it will pop up when i stop looking for it.

i'm a sucka for: lip balm. my newest fave is melaleuca's sun shades lip balm in vanilla bean. it's got a great smell, it gives your lips a nice, tingly feeling (if you're into that sort of thing), and it actually moisturizes your lips.