have you ever watched snow fall? it's so peaceful and serene. we got our first snow fall (about an inch) last thursday and i woke up to a few more inches this morning. i've spent this year really paying attention to what each season brings. i'm appreciating this place more and more.

slowly coming up with a plan to decorate my home. i'm not allowed to paint, so i'm going to add some spice to my space by using color. i'm itching to spend some cash, but i have to be patient (and responsible!) and work on it slowly.

anyway, not much has been going on. i've just been focusing on cycles, rituals, and routines. getting organized (which seems to be a never ending process).



Angel said...

sounds like you're just being present and aware.

and isn't that, all by itself, enough?


kellz said...

OOHH!! decorating! that should be fun.

i don't thik i am going to be ready for snow this year. too messy. but i would agree that it is very calming and serene.

hope all is well,

TruEssence said...

I love how the sky looks when it is snowing. I agree snow falling is very peaceful! I have been wanting to put some artwork up in my living room but have not gotten around to doing it,reading your post has got me a little motivated again. Like you said I will slowly get there.