i am sore. on saturday, lil miss and i participated in the alaska run for women. it's a five mile race that raises money for breast cancer research. i did it with my mom this year and was so empowered afterward. this year, i was left feeling the same way. it was cloudy and a little rainy that morning and everytime i felt like quitting a woman would walk by me with a "in memory of..." sign on her back. i'm quite astonished over how many names i saw during my walk. it's just another reminder that i need to take better care of my body. lil miss was my other motivator. that kid walked three miles on her own (i am so glad i brought the stroller). we turned the race into a nature walk by looking at flowers and identifying birds. we had a lot of fun.

my little girl is coming up on her 5th birthday. i can't believe it's been that long. it feels like she's been with me forever. we're in the middle of planning her party and when asked what she wanted she said, "first, i want a birthday cake because you have to have a birthday cake on your birthday." she went through the rest of her list and then said, "mom, i don't have much fingers to count on, do you have much fingers to count on?" she's a trip i tell ya and i love her to pieces.

i hope you all had a great weekend. and i hope you have an even better week!

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