looks like my pink fuzzy scarf won't b finished in time for tha trip. *frown* sumthin inside said measure it. now, i'm 5'2" and like my scarves to b long enuff to touch my thighs. tha p.f.s. is @ my waist. i'm afraid i will have to spend anutha $12 on some more yarn cuz i don't think i have enuff. *frown* 40 hats r made for tha trip. since i'm not satisfied w/ that number, i'm goin to make 10 more -- b4 tues., in between cleanin house, packin clothes, finishin up my reconstructed jean skirt (i started that 4mos ago), and work. i'm doin my best not to b stressed or feel rushed, but i can't help but feel that way. i feel a migraine comin on. i need a massage...or maybe just a glass (or two) of wine. have a great weekend y'all. peace.

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