think outside of tha box that verizon commercial has me rollin everytime i see it. this phrase was used several times in sock class. tha teacher is absolutely fabulous -everybody @ tha frenzy said she would b. she even reads tha knit blogs. i was surprised cuz she's tha first person i've come across that actually knew what a blog was. my sock is comin along nicely. i just have to get used to workin on my size 4 dpns. they're smaller than i'm used to. i'm using cleckheaton's country 8 ply naturals in army green. it feels so damn good in my hands. i was even told it was machine washable. i have armholes in tha sweater now. i'm gettin there. thinkin 'bout makin a ramblin rows baby sweater next. miss vanessa (lady wiz's babygirl) would look so cute in one. sumthin i need to learn that i've been avoiding all of these years....gauge. ugh.

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