i survived my first two days at my new job!

the new job is going well so far. i am familiar with a lot of the ppl i work with because i sent them plenty of emails while in my other position. now i get to put a face with a name. my boss is awesome (she's an old coworker). she's giving me the freedom to do things my way which is liberating and unsettling at the same time. it's unsettling because i've spent the last six years doing things the way someone else wanted and it will take some time for me to stop doing my previous routine. it's cool. i'm happy and excited about what's to come.

i have been feeling very unattractive lately. my hair isn't behaving, it looks like i've put on anutha 10 lbs.(arrrrrrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!), and my face keeps breaking out (i've been battling adult acne(WTF!)since i was 26-but it's gotten really bad since december). sigh. a sista needs a make-over...a little pampering. i'm sure i'll wake up tomorrow and feel like the sexiest thing alive.

the sun has been shining so much lately. i want it to be spring right now.



Celtic Knitter said...

I want a picture to prove your point! I don't believe you! I'm imagining that you are the most gorgeous woman!!

SunshineMama said...

She is the most gorgeous woman!
Don't worry B - it's probably just stress. I mean jumping into the new job and everything. That's probably the cause of the skin reaction, maybe even the weight gain. You know when we get nervous or stressed we comfort ourselves with food...at least I know I do. You'll get into your new groove and then you'll be fiiine. Just relax. You know you're the bomb and have the skills to suceed in your new position. Change is inevitable and god knows you've handled plenty more monumental than this. ...This is cake, right? Much love-hk

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you {about the job}

and as for acne/weight/hair:

I've had acne since childhood, {can't afford treatment}, I am 185lbs {need to drop 30}, my hair is Locked! {see pics here:}

kellz said...

dear ladybuttafky,
greetings!! i glad things are looking up on your job. that's always a good thing. we give people/companies/organizations the bulk of our day/lives. that part of the should be, atleast, pleasant.

stop by when time permits.

i hope all is well in your world,