i am

most definitely overwhelmed at work. tomorrow is my last day and i still have a lot of work to do. i just started cleaning my area yesterday. i already know tomorrow will be a 'goof off' day simply because my coworkers are taking me to lunch and after that i will be between both offices moving my things. i can't wait to get settled.

man, the state of hiphop music today is really pitiful. i've known this for a while, but after not listening to the radio for a few months i thought i see what's been playing lately. why does the local radio station think it's appropriate to play a song that says, "i wanna hit that cat girl, hit that cat girl...i think i wanna lick that cat" during a time when young children can hear it?! i was like, 'awww hell nah, turn that mess off!" my daughter isn't surprised by my reaction cuz i'm constantly lecturing her about the lack of good music on the airwaves nowadays. i love hiphop, but conscious hiphop. hiphop, reggae, afrobeat, soul, and jazz are played in my house. well, i gotta add punk to the mix too cuz that's what babygirl is into now (lawd give me strength!). i think i might issue a complaint to the radio station.

have you seen the new interweave? this issue has made me want to start designing again. i'm going to treat myself to the caftan pullover and the sunrise circle jacket. it's been a long time since i made something for myself.

enjoy your day/evening.


nakachi said...

so what's the new job? sounds like it's something you're really looking forward to doing.

and about the quality of music these days... i have 3 stations on xm radio [that's 3 out of dozens] that i trust to play music i would want to listen to. occasionally, one is subpar and go check for the other 2. i do appreciate xm for exposing me to underground cats i would otherwise not have found but that's hit and miss.

then i think "did my grandmother feel this way when prince hit the scene?" and then i really have nothing more to say to myself.

shannita said...

The nature of music is that each generation finds something that drives the previous generation a little nuts, but this latest rash of straight up nasty music is over the top.

One of the reasons I no longer work in the music industry is that I can't in good conscious promote the music I hear on the radio. In fact, I don't even listen to the local "hip-hop" station because for every good song you have to wade through 2 hours of crap to get to it. Way too much trouble.

These days, I'm blissfully out of the loop much of the time and discover music through people like you, my music journalist friends, the folks you link to, iTunes, and my kid.

Oh, and by the way - I feel you about babygirl and the punk rock. My kid (who's not really a kid anymore) is in a punk band. However, I listened to a lot of punk, so I still enjoy hearing it from time to time. And periodically I go to see her band perform which is fun in a "look how all these kids think this they're being original, how cute are they" kinda way.

Sorry for the long windedness. Congrats and good luck on the new gig!

Celtic Knitter said...

I know . . . a lot of popular music sux!!! I did see an awesome video the other day . . . I don't know the artist but the song was called, "stupid girl". The punk looking singer was making fun of all the stupid girl role models out there (e.g. Paris Hilton, etc). I actually laughed out loud and I never LOL. She actually talked about what ever happened to the women who wanted to be president.

Do you have a cat? Just watch out that your daughter doesn't start licking it if she's listening to this music. :)

Eddie said...

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