i really want the snow to go away.

i'm still not feeling my best. parenting can really suck and i'm not enjoying having a "tween-er" in the house right now. a sista is stressed. so much so that today, i got a migraine and a pinching pain right in the middle of my chest. everytime i moved it got tighter. that's not cool at all. also, my back has really been giving me the blues. i've got pain and numbness going down into my legs and feet. i've had a problem with my back for at least 5 years, but it's gotten progressively worse in the last year. i'm getting an m.r.i. on friday. i can't wait because i really want to find out the source of my pain. i also realize i need to manage my stress, so i'm thinking about trying yoga.

i'm knitting. currently working on the baby cable rib (i love this stitch!) poncho from weekend knits. i recently bought some blue sky alpaca for a hat i'm going to give to a coworker. he has lung cancer and is undergoing chemo therapy. he is very open about what's he's going thru and has a very positive outlook about it. i overheard him tell another coworker his hair was starting to fall out. i figured he could use a hat since the days have been pretty cold. he's helped me a lot since i've started in the office and i'd like to show him my appreciation.

have a good week all.

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