babygirl loved her present. when we came home yesterday, she instantly started picking patterns outta the book i bought her. she admitted to me later that she didn't like following patterns. so i told her to do what she felt. i bought the book mainly as a reference for her since she doesn't know how to purl or what binding off means. i think she's making coasters right now. :o) she finished a baby hat for lil miss. it was a hat that i started making and got bored w/. so she picked it up and finished it. she's very proud of herself and i'm proud of her too. whenever my damn computer gets fixed, i'll post pics.

currently making anutha scarf outta the saint tropez. this first one i made for my sister, this one is for mandara. also started a tam for him (aka daddy-o aka baby's father). he's worn his otha tams out and they look pitiful. i'm takin my time w/ it. it's a project to work on when i need a break from the rambling rows afghan.

have a great weekend everybody. i plan on knitting and getting some relaxation. i may even go buy some baby clothes. i went to old navy yesterday and almost lost my mind. their clothes r hellafied cheap and their cute beyond cuteness. my kind of store.

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