for mama's day i decided to break out the eros and make my mama a scarf. now for weeks i would sit in the yarn store and watch woman after woman come in asking about this stuff (sandi was out @ the time). i sat there wondering what the big deal was. but then friday nite i started working w/ the stuff and immediately saw. it made this extremely light fabric. the yarn was very colorful and every color seemed to pick up the light. it's great! i'm going to buy some more. oh! mama loved her scarf. now i gotta make her an eyelash scarf. she's been waiting for one of those.

big needles rock!

i ordered some labels yesterday. woohoo! i can't wait to see them. i've been wanting simple, professional looking labels for a while now. thanx stefanie for posting that link.

i'm getting close to finishing the baby blanket and i started the crossover back sweater again. this time i will finish it. i get more and more excited about this baby with every day that passes. she's been in my dreams for a week now. gotta make her some socks/booties and i think a hat would b cool too.

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