once again, my 'puter is up and running. hopefully, it won't give me anymore problems. here's a pic of the eros scarf i made for my mama.

i talked to her today and she was really excited about wearing it. i made it because i thought it'd go w/ a lot of her blouses that she wears to work, but she thinks she should wear it w/ something dressy. i'm going to get a picture of her in it.

this scarf was made w/ st. tropez. i used size 17s for this baby and i was done w/ it in no time. there's a burgundy color i'd like to get next. i think this would make a really nice shell or some other summer top.

last but not least...

the rambling rows afghan - completed! this picture isn't the best, but it ended up being so huge i couldn't get the whole thing in the picture no matter what i did. this was really fun to work on and i can see myself making more. i'm getting close to finishing adara's. pictures of the baby stuff will soon come.

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