i think i'm goin to take a break on tha sweater for a couple of days. i've got so much otha stuff to work on. it's hard to stay motivated. how do i expect to run a business if i lose interest in what i'm makin/sellin? sometimes i think i should leave tha custom ordering thing alone. maybe i should make a whole bunch of stuff and have tha 'whatcha see is whatcha get' attitude. i don't know. knitting WIPs hat i made in my beginner's knit class neck down sweater crochet WIPs baby blanket pink fuzzy bag blue/yellow cap brown cap hemp bag i need to line my hemp bags. i have 6 yds. of burlap to use up. i think i bought brown and black. i was wondering if anybody has ever used dyed burlap and if tha color ran. i'm goin to crochet a swatch and line it and then wash it to see what happens. it dawned on me this morn while drivin to work. i've neva given anybody washing instructions on sumthin i've sold. guess i should start.

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