goodness is jerk tofu with kale greens. that's my lunch today and it's oh so yummy. jerk is my new favorite marinade. thanks j for bringing it into my life. so what i've been doing is marinading my tofu in a mix of jerk and worcestershire sauce. after about 30 minutes or so (sometimes a lot less depending on how hungry i am), i throw my tofu chunks on my george foreman grill. i then let it cook until it's nice and brown. then to add a little sweetness to all of the spice in the jerk, i drizzle honey on top. i can't get enough of the stuff.

i may make j's curry tofu tonite. now that's some heavenly goodness too.

is it fall in your neck of the woods yet?

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Necia said...

That sounds fantastic. Care to share your jerk recipe with me?