listening to: whenever you're around.jill scott

have you heard the new jill scott cd? i haven't listened to the whole thing, but so far i'm happy. you go jill.

it's been raining a lot. the snow is coming further and further down the mountains each day. soon, it'll be on the ground. we usually get our first dusting around halloween. i'm prepared though. i've got scarves and cowls (i really love making cowls-why hadn't i started sooner?).

the fair started today. two ladies i met at the forest fair invited me to add my wears to their booth. i'm so grateful to them. i had to work today and my babysitting situation didn't work out for the evening, so they have been selling my stuff for me. i gotta give them a little token of my appreciation. they said it was slow today, but tomorrow is going to be a killer. i'm looking forward to it.

once i leave work, i think i will hit some thrift stores. i gotta find a coat rack to display my scarves on. scarves are the hardest thing to display (in my opinion).

looks like the clouds are coming back. that means more rain. have a good weekend.

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cici said...

Nice hearing whats going on in alaska.. I have a cousin that lives in anchorage. I didnt know Jill had a new cd out.. I must check it out nowwwwwww.... thanks. i am so behind..